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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Memory!

Have you ever left your house or driven off and wondered, “Hmmm…Did I turn off the coffeemaker?” Or maybe it was the toaster oven or iron.  And then, did you drive back to check?  If you did, you’re probably not alone.  According to Dr. Aaron P. Nelson, author of The Harvard Medical Guide to Achieving Optimal Memory, there are simple mental exercises you can do to help you improve your memory at any age.  Here are six sure-fire ways you can improve your memory.

1.   Do you have trouble remembering people’s names? When you meet someone and want to remember their name, repeat their name to yourself three times. Then add a word to one of their character traits (“tall” Tom, “smiling” Sylvia, “silly” Sam). Also, use the person’s name in the conversation. “Tom, what line of business are you in?”  “Sylvia, where are you from?”

2.   Do you frequently find yourself looking for your keys, eyeglasses, or wallet? Make it a habit to keep things in a specific place — keys by the front door, wallet or purse with your keys, and glasses on your nightstand.

3.   Do you forget whether you’ve turned off an appliance? Talk to yourself aloud, and say “I’m turning off the toaster oven,” or “I’m turning off the coffeemaker.”

4.   Do you sometimes miss appointments? Carry a notebook with a calendar for your appointments, phone numbers, addresses, and medical information.

5.   How can I remember PIN numbers and passwords? Attach meaning to your PIN numbers. (Use a favorite person’s birth date). Try using the first letter of your favorite song titles and important dates as passwords that will trigger your memory.

6. Do you find yourself forgetting things? Minimize distractions and slow down. Do one thing at a time and give it your attention.

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